Ugandans, Who are you complaining to???

“To engage in conflict, one shouldn’t bring the knife which cuts but the needle which sews”

If we truly love our country and hope to see it prosper, then we all need to reflect that in our thoughts, discussions and actions. If you love your sister and hope to see her get married one day, you don’t go around talking ill about her. People complain so much about everything these days; this regime, government programs, our Leaders and their decisions and i feel its time to ask, “people who are you complain to? God, our ancestors, our colonial masters or the mighty America?!. From the way people complain, one might think people are willing to be re-colonized rather than staying in Uganda as it is today. They are so desperate for a Savior — someone to swoop in and save the day!

This reminds me of a time in our childhood when we used to complain to the elders about anything and everything. As soon as something happened, you would rush to the nearest mature person and go, “Daddy this one has done this, so and so has done that; auntie, this one has taken my baby doll; I remember, once, my adolescent sister reported to our parents that we said she had hair in her armpits (something rather normal but was awkwardly new to her). So it was always daddy this, mummy that and sometimes they would act in favor of whoever reported and other times they didn’t but what made us report anyway was because we knew that these elders were in a position to solve our problems and we always trusted that they would act impartially and swiftly – they would swoop in and save the day.

So it is only logical that before you complain to someone about anything, that person should at least have the capacity to solve your problems, otherwise wouldn’t it be like complaining to the wind? Similar to explaining your financial problems to a madman?!. People complain about this and that government program, Corruption this, corruption that, Museveni is carrying a jerrycan of water on a bicycle in Luwero, Museveni has closed Makerere, Jannet this, Muhoozi that, and i am always forced to ask one simple question, “who are you complaining to?”.

Maybe, since they say that power belongs to “the people”, it is who you always complain to? Do they have the capacity to solve your problems? If yes,then i suggest we leave it for them to decide. They are the only superior beings here after all – they are the elders in the home – they have power over all of us, that is, the president, the government, and the people who complain all included. It should be expected then that the “people” will come to our rescue – they will swoop in and save the day.

The only problem is, who are “the people”? Are they ‘three wise old men’ like those talked about in the bible? Are they a group of deity who sits up above in the misty clouds and decides everything? Who are these people? This lucky group! This all-powerful group! Do they have the capacity to solve our problems? Are you and i among these “people”? Are they the total population of the people in Uganda or is there an age bracket for one to be considered among this mighty group? So when I complain, who do i address my complaint to exactly? Who exactly am I complaining to? Do they have office headquarters?

Now lets just assume for a second that you and i are among these “people”, when we complain, isn’t it the same as complaining to ourselves? Do we have the capacity to solve our problems? Yes of course, we are the “people”, aren’t we? we have all the ‘power’, don’t we? Who can stop us then?. So instead of complaining isn’t it better to just go and solve our problems? Why complain to yourself about a problem you have the power to solve? Its ridiculous!

We need to understand that when we complain, we are actually indirectly complaining to ourselves – we the so-called “people”. No one will come to solve our problems, no angel will descend from heaven singing, “all is well my children” our problems are ours to deal with and don’t expect a “savior” to come anytime soon. No savior ever made any country prosperous, these people simply realized that complaining was actually a waste of time so they came together and started doing something about their problems.

Don’t use the knife which cuts, but the needle which sews – mend fences and bridge gaps. In all our discussions argue for – not against – your country. Lets all aim at healing and patching up our beloved country, it’s the only one we have and the only one we’ll ever get.

Strive to make your country better instead of sitting around and complaining about its problems all day long.